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Your resource to finding out how you can move to Paradise and actually AFFORD it!

Learn to Live Kona knows Kailua-Kona!

With over over 15 years of property management experience, Learn to Live Kona is the place to test-dive your new life on the islands. We did it ourselves -- made Kailua-Kona our home -- so we've already done all the legwork for you.

Want to know where to shop? Where to live? How the bring your belongings for the mainland to Hawaii at a reasonable price? We can advise you on everything.

And we have vacation rentals! For a few days to a week or more, you can live the life and see what you've been missing.

About Us
We are two lovely people from So Cal who met in junior high, stayed friends through high school, and married 30 years later. We've dreamed of moving to Kona, and knew this was the place for us when we spent only 10 minutes at the DMV and got our Hawaii licences. Literally just 10 minutes! Day-by-day the dream of being full-time Kama'ainas is becoming a reality. We own a few of properties in the Kona area, waiting for the day we can become permanent residents.

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