Airport Shuttle Companies

Some people prefer a shuttle service over a taxi. Shuttle service tends to be less expensive. And if you want something a little extra, these companies also offer exclusive pick-ups and lei greetings.

You will want to call these companies in advance for a reservation.

***This is a listing of shuttle companies. We do not recommend any of these companies nor do we know about their service. We're just listing them for your information.***

Premier Transportation
(808) 854-1082

Hawaii Executive Transportation
(808) 327-0022

(808) 329-5433

If you want recommendations, we suggest you look up these companies on Yelp.

A shuttle from the airport will be approximately $15.00 less than a taxi for two people (depending how far south your destination is in town).

If you're a family of four, this might be your best bet.

But be prepared that famously shuttles on the islands run a bit close to departure time (in other words, better to add a half-hour to your scheduled pick-up time ).

You might also consider:

Rental Car
Local Mass Transit
(one route daily)