Kona Supermarkets

You don't have to be a slave to restaurants in Kona. Most hotels have mini-fridges here. And if your staying at a Vacation Rental or Timeshare, they have kitchens.

Here are recommendations of Supermarkets in Kona!

73-5600 Maiau St
This is the big secret of Kona. EVERYONE shops here: locals, Timesharers, repeat tourists. If you're going to be here for a week, this is your first stop. Sure, you don't need 30 rolls of toilet paper, but how about beer for the week? And they always sell beach towels, beach chairs, and Island t-shirts, etc. If you have a car, it's worth coming here first and stocking up for your vacation. One more thing... if you need five boxes of chocolate covered mac nuts for gifts to bring home, then buy here and save!

Island Natural Markets
74-5487 Kaiwi Street
The best organic grocery store in Kona! Small, homey with super nice people working inside. Lots of local brands. And they have a killer breakfast bar. Look, organic on the Big Island isn't cheap, but if that's what you want then come here.

KTA Super Store - Keauhou
78-6831 Alii Drive
Keauhou Shopping Center
REMODELLED!! We love this store. It is totally local. If you're staying in South Kona/Keauhou this is where you shop for the day-to-day buys. Some nice hot food bar, poke and sushi, local eats. Everyone always greets you with a smile.

KTA Super Store - Kona
74-5588 Palani Road
Kona Coast Shopping Center
If you're in Kona proper, this is the closest supermarket. It's a little disorganized, but you'll get everything you need here.

Kona Natural Foods
75-1027 Henry Street
Like Island Natural, a small organic supermarket store. Conveniently located in the same mall as Safeway, if you want things that aren't there, you can walk to this store.

75-1027 Henry Street
The "fancy" store of Kona. If you want a store that looks like mainland grocery stores, this is the place to go. Also, if you have a Safeway/Vons shopping number, you get the same discounts as you'd get back home. Also, they have a self-serve area if you don't need a checker to ring you up.

74-5455 Makala Blvd. Target has a nice selection, and good prices. Like Costco, one stop shopping. Great for sunscreen and those little items you forgot (bathing suits maybe). And they have a great selection of hawaiian gifts that are less expensive than the tourist spots.

75-1015 Henry Street
If you're not anti-Walmart, shop here. Like Costco, this is one stop shopping (and not in bulk). Groceries yes, but did also know this is a great place to buy take-home gifts for the family? They have a huge hawaii gift area right at the door and to the right of the entrance. And if you forgot your bathing suit, you can ususlly find one here for less than they sell them at the resorts.

Then there's always the ABS Stores, located through out Kona downtown. In a pitch, they have a variety of food, drinks, and beach necessities. Don't forget to keep your receipts. Turn your receipts in at the end of your stay in Kona. If you spend enought they give your items for free.

You might also consider the various Farmers Markets for fresh produce, local meats and poltry/eggs, and numerous Big Island based foods and medical remedies.

Please note: Over-the-counter medicines are sometimes hard to find (especially during cold and flu season). Don't be surprised to walking to the aisle of these items and find the shelves ransacked. If there's something you'll need during your trip to Kona (cold medications, anti-inflammatories, allergy medications), we suggest you bring them with you just in case.

If an unplanned need comes up, most of the stores above have over-the-counter medications (or alternatives in the organic shops). You can also find these items (and fill prescriptions at one of the following:

74-5456 Kamakaeha Avenue

Longs Drugs - Keauhou
(in the Keauhou Shopping Center near KTA)

Long Drugs - Kona
75-5595 Palani Road