Taxi Cab Companies

Once you arrive at Kona International, there are usually taxis and cab dispatchers waiting on the sidewalk for you.

When returning to the airport, you will want to call a company for a reservation.

***This is a listing of Taxi companies. We do not recommend any of these companies nor do we know about their service. We're just listing them for your information.***

Aloha Taxi
(808) 325-5448

Anytime Taxi
(808) 895-7088

Cruz'n Taxi 24 Hr
(808) 325-1234

D & E Taxi
(808) 329-4279

Dakine Taxi
(808) 329-4446

Laura's Taxi
(808) 326-5466

Kona Taxicab
(808) 324-4444

Marina Taxi
(808) 329-2481

Mels Taxi
(808) 443-8447

If you want recommendations, we suggest you look these companies up in Yelp.

Be prepared! A Taxi from the airport can cost from around $35.00 to $50.00 to Kona (depending how far south your destination is in town).

Taxis are definitely the most expensive mode of travel from Kona International. We might consider instead:

Rental Car
Local Mass Transit
(one route daily)